Rust Commands


No looting, raiding, griefing, trolling or killing other survivors. Report bugs and violations with evidence in Discord #support.


Scientists and Murderers may be lurking so proceed with caution. Zombies will spawn at night.

Base Protection

Bases are protected by an active cupboard on your base foundation.

Looting Protection

The following can not be looted:

-Players and corpses, their belt and their backpack can not be looted when sleeping/offline.

-Cupboards, unlocked boxes, work benches, repair benches, research tables, lockers, etc.


-You have access to a backpack. Use /backpack in game.

Corpse Locator

/where — Show how far away and in which grid player’s corpse is located.
/where tp — Teleport back to your corpse.

Light Manager

NightLantern automatically turns ON lanterns after sunset and then turns them OFF after sunrise.

Door Manager

By default doors will close automatically. But you can turn that off or change the time between opening and closing.

You can also automatically close and open doors for a certain in-game time period. For example: door is automatically opened during the day but automatically closed at night time.

There is also a option to remotely open all doors that are linked with your master lock, for more information about that look at the Lock Manager section.

/ad – Disables doors automatically closing for player.

/ad # (a number between MIN and MAX) – Sets automatic door closing delay for player.

Custom Events

Event: Treasure Hunt

Occurs once every one to two hours! The event spawns a box at a random position on the map with valuable items.

Use ‘/dtd’ to add its location on your screen to track down the treasure!

/dtd — View status of the current or next event

/dtd ladder — View treasure hunter ladder for the current wipe

/dtd lifetime — View treasure hunter lifetime scores